Where’s the missing  Plaque?

Where’s the missing Plaque?

Did you know that Country Woman’s Club of Campbell had a plaque in the Wooden Welcome to Campbell sign at 17 and San Tomas Expressway?  Well, we used to until some wayward driver took out the wooden sign and the whole thing had to be replaced.  Club members had noticed that our sign had not weathered well and needed to be replaced a couple of years ago but National GFWC did not have them in stock.  We finally received word that the long backordered plaque was available but in two sizes.   One of our members went to look at the sign (had to wait to get a picture until her husband was driving) and our plaque was MISSING!!  Oh, the Horror!

The soon to be restored GFWC plaque.We had calls into the Chamber of Commerce- big wooden sign was not theirs. Called the City and talked to the City manager’s office and found the right people.   Michael Thomas of the Campbell City Manager’s office had one of the city staff go out and measure the size of the existing plaques and so we have ordered and received the plaque.  We delivered it to Michael Thomas at the City Manager’s office this week.  They will have to install it on the sign.  So look for our sign and it should be there in a couple of weeks!  The pictures are from earlier when our badly weathered sign was still there, the current sign and the presentation to the City of Campbell.

by Martha Champion